Near-Resonant Light Scattering by a Subwavelength Ensemble of Identical Atoms

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This week: "Near-Resonant Light Scattering by a Subwavelength Ensemble of Identical Atoms"

We study theoretically the scattering of light by an ensemble of N resonant atoms in a sub-wavelength volume. We consider the low intensity regime so that each atom responds linearly to the field. While N non-interacting atoms would scatter N2 more than a single atom, we find that N interacting atoms scatter less than a single atom near resonance. In addition, the scattered power presents strong fluctuations, either from one realization to another or when varying the excitation frequency. We analyze this counter-intuitive behavior in terms of collective modes resulting from the light-induced dipole-dipole interactions. We find that for small samples, their properties are governed only by their volume when N≳20.

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Online Wednesday, August 5, 2020, 12:00. Online