27 April 2009 ICFO PhD Student Awarded Chinese Government Prize

Ms. Xiaojuan Shi

Ms. Xiaojuan Shi recepient of a Chinese Government Award for Outstanding Students. The prize awarded by the Chinese Government to outstanding students working abroad has been granted for the second time to a young researcher working at ICFO. Three years after being awarded to Dr. Zhiyong Xu, then a PhD at the Institute, the prize has now gone to Ms. Xiaojuan Shi, who is doing her doctorate in Prof. Juan P. Torres’ group.

The prize was established in 2003 to encourage research excellence in Chinese PhD students who study around the world with funds from sources other than the Chinese Government. This year, 305 Chinese students working in 27 different countries have received the award. Three of these are based in Spain: Mr. Jisheng Zhang at the Universitat de Lleida and Mr. Shuping Yi at the Universidade da Coruña, in addition to Ms. Shi.

Ms. Xiaojuan Shi received a MSc, majoring in Optics at the Shanxi University School of Physics and Electronics Engineering of China in 2005. Since then, she has been working on her PhD thesis in the field of Quantum Optics in Prof. Juan P. Torres’ group at ICFO.

Ms. Xiaojuan Shi\'s research project is focused on developing new techniques to fully engineer the spectral properties of quantum light sources, such as entangled paired photons and pure single photons, which are produced making use of the process of spontaneous parametric down-conversion (SPDC). These investigations add new tools for the successful implementation of quantum enhanced applications.